4 things to keep in mind when building an E-commerce website

Running your own business today is both easy and complicated. In this time of hi-fi technology everything is connected online. You actually do not have to invest in putting up a shop to start your business. You just require a tiny amount to purchase an e-commerce website and a lot of time to keep updated about your business, make a strong online presence and thus stay ahead of competitors. But having a great website is also a basic step that often leads to success. So here we have a few tips to keep in mind for designing your ecommerce web design in Dubai.

  1. Buy a Domain Name

This first step is easy if you are an already established brick-and-mortar business. You need to see that the domain name of your e-commerce site matches with your business name. if you need to buy one for your fresh individual online store then make sure it is short, can be easily remembered and is a .com domain.

  1. Select a reliable E-commerce platform

A reliable web host and e-commerce platform is required to make your e-store go live. You can use one from Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce, or  even WordPress that powers around 28% of websites around the world for starting an online store. 

  1. Settle on rates and payment modes

Keep in mind these three things: 

  1. Pricing your products- Consider things like cost of the product, profit margin, operational costs, taxes and other such things.
  2. Payment mode of your customers- Pick payment getaways offering flexibility and offering easy bank transfers.
  3. Way to transfer those payments to your bank account. 
  1. Design the e-store and add products

Design the e-commerce store  that is not only attractive but also create a specific look and feel among your online customers. Hiring a web designer and developer  for designing your e-commerce website is strongly recommended.