What is a hernia and its types?

What is a hernia and its types?

A hernia is characterized by a rupture in the weak part of any organ. When an internal organ or tissue bulges out due to the weakness in the muscle tissue supporting it and protrudes through an opening or the weakened region, it is said to be a Hernia. 

Factors that cause Hernia

  • While in womb, the abdominal wall fails to close properly
  • Being pregnant
  • Chronic constipation
  • Chronic Coughing
  • Lifting heavyweightthe 
  • Gaining weight
  • Surgery in the area
  • Family history 
  • Aging

Symptoms of a Hernia

  • A bulge or lump in the affected area.
  • Pain or discomfort in the affected area especially when bending over, coughing, or lifting.
  • A feeling of weakness, pressure, or heaviness in the abdomen.
  • A burning, sensation or pain at the site of the bulge.
  • Acid reflux or Chest pain
  • Difficulty swallowing

It can affect anyone at any age. Some types of Hernia predominantly occur in males, some are more prevalent in females while others are common in males and females. This usually occurs in the intestine or abdominal fatty tissue. These can be both painful or painless as they may not produce the symptoms but carry a risk or can even be dangerous in some cases. This is because, the herniated area is depleted from the blood and oxygen supply, and if this happens in the abdominal wall, there is an immediate need for hernia surgery in Dubai.

Therefore, it is important to learn about the different types of hernias and why one should consult a hernia surgery doctor in Dubai

Types of Hernias

Inguinal hernia: Nearly 75% of abdominal wall hernia cases are affected by this type of hernia. They have 25% greater chances to appear in men. These usually impact the groin area where the skin of the thigh joins the torso. There are two different kinds of inguinal hernias – direct and indirect. Indirect hernias can occur at any age, but direct hernias are more common in middle age and elderly men. Hernia surgeons treat this hernia by pushing the bulge back into place.

Hiatal Hernia: A hiatal hernia occurs when part of your stomach bulges up into the chest cavity through the diaphragm. The diaphragm is a sheet of muscle that separates the organs in your abdomen from those in your chest. This type of hernia is most common in older people.

Umbilical hernia: An umbilical hernia can occur in babies under 6 months. This kind of hernia is caused when intestines bulge out by an opening in the abdominal wall. If the opening is less than half an inch, it will likely close before the child is two years old. In the case of larger openings, surgery may be necessary to close it. This type of hernias occurs most often during pregnancy or while giving birth. 

Incisional hernia: This hernia usually occurs after you have any abdominal surgery as the surgery create weak areas in which a hernia can form. Hernias develop between two and ten percent of all abdominal surgeries. Make sure you consult with the surgeon after any abdominal surgery to learn your risk. 

Femoral hernia: The femoral canal is the path through which the femoral artery, vein, and nerve leave the abdominal cavity and enter the upper leg. This usually occurs because of a wide bone structure and is seen mostly in women.

Spigelian hernia: This hernia happens along the rectus muscle of the abdomen and occurs several inches in the side of the middle of the abdomen. This is a rare type of hernia.

Obturator hernia: This very rare kind of hernia occurs mostly in women who had multiple pregnancies. The hernia protrudes from the pelvic cavity through an opening in the pelvic bone. These do not show a bulge, instead, it will act like a bowel obstruction and cause nausea or vomiting. 

Epigastric hernia: These will occur in midline of the abdominal wall where the rectus muscles join. This type of hernia is often painless and is formed in an area of the relative weakness of the abdominal wall.

If you suspect of having a hernia, it is important to visit a hernia surgery doctor in Dubai. Weight lose surgery clinic in Dubai have experienced surgeons who have treated many cases of hernia and knows well to relieve any pain related to the hernia. Also, they will fix the problem before it becomes more dangerous.

Difference reflexology and body massage different

Difference reflexology and body massage different

A foot massage or any other kind of body massage is often confused by many people with a reflexology session. Although these may have many things in common, the two are completely different modalities. Each of them has several benefits. Just like a massage session, you can also look to have a session of reflexology Dubai right inside your home and achieve the benefits.

In this article we shall be discussing these two and help you in differentiating between the two.


In order to improve your health, you must go with reflexology. In this, certain parts of the feet, hands and ears are squeezed. The blocked pressure points of the body can lead to illnesses, strain and painful injuries. Reflexology provides life force to these pressure points, which thus heals up and rejuvenates the body. The reflexologists are very well aware of those pressure points. When they squeeze them the blockages are all relieved healing the body.

Body massage

In order to relieve stress from your body you can go with a body massage. It involves diverse movement and methods like kneading, the rubbing in of herbal oils, leans and stretches, rocking of the body, rhythmic tapping, and other such techniques, all of which basically relaxes your body. A body massage is designed to eliminate stress from the muscles, tendons, ligaments, hands, fingers, and feet by rubbing in oils in various moments mentioned above that facilitates bodily relaxation. The massage therapist  knows about different techniques that will suit their clients.

Differences between the two

Although in both massage and reflexology, hands of the expert are used to apply the special techniques and this is where the similarity ends.

Reflexology involves the therapist to touch your feet, hands and ears, and so does not require you to remove your clothes. Whereas your therapist would ask you to remove all your clothes and wear only your undergarments as every part of your body is touched in a body massage.

The reflexologist would target your pressure points on the feet, hands and ears, whereas in a body massage the entire muscle group is targeted.

In refloxology, the practitioners make use of his/her fingers and focus on special trigger points on your feet and hands, whereas in a body massage the therapists use special massage oils and also massage tools.


Requirements for investor’s visa renewal Dubai

Requirements for investor’s visa renewal Dubai

One of the most visited places in the world, Dubai is a land of lucrative investment and job opportunities. And it is therefore ideal for foreign residents occupying about 80% of total population of Dubai. They require visa for different tasks like residing in Dubai, investing, employment, bringing family, and others like that. Each of the visa types in Dubai has their specific requirements and validity period. Different types of visas have their own requirements and periods. Some retain their validity for a year or two, while some may remain valid for an even longer time period. But if you require a visa after its expiration, you would have to undergo a specific process for visa renewal Dubai. Here we have discussed the specific document requirements for investor’s visa renewal.

Basic things that you need to know in case of investor visa renewal in Dubai

Also termed as partner visa, this kind of visa allows investors of some company to live and conduct their business. The validity of an investor visa is 3 years in general. But under the “Golden Card” scheme, the investor can get a 10-year residence visa. Here we shall discuss the basic things that you must know about investor visa renewal.

  • In case there is an e-DNRD account of the company you are an investor in, then you can take the help of a typing center to initiate the visa renewal process.
  • Normally, a time period of 2 weeks is taken for completing the renewal process.
  • In case you want the procedure of renewal to be completed early, then you must pay an urgent fee for it.

Documents required for the renewal

The below-mentioned documents are required for the renewal of investor/partner visa in Dubai:

  • Two colored photographs, passport-sized
  •  Health certificate
  • Medical insurance
  • Your (investor’s) original passport
  • Attested copies of tenancy contract, recent utility bill, bank statements.
  • Your sponsor’s IBAN
  • Trade license
  • Residence visa application form.


For completing the procedure of your visa renewal Dubai, you can take the help of Docman for processing of your visa renewal. You will not have to deal with different government departments once you hire us. We further ensure to collect and deliver the renewed visa at your doorstep. Our team of experienced professionals comprehends the rules, regulations and requirements of the every government department and complies with all the legal processes.

4 things to keep in mind when building an E-commerce website

4 things to keep in mind when building an E-commerce website

Running your own business today is both easy and complicated. In this time of hi-fi technology everything is connected online. You actually do not have to invest in putting up a shop to start your business. You just require a tiny amount to purchase an e-commerce website and a lot of time to keep updated about your business, make a strong online presence and thus stay ahead of competitors. But having a great website is also a basic step that often leads to success. So here we have a few tips to keep in mind for designing your ecommerce web design in Dubai.

  1. Buy a Domain Name

This first step is easy if you are an already established brick-and-mortar business. You need to see that the domain name of your e-commerce site matches with your business name. if you need to buy one for your fresh individual online store then make sure it is short, can be easily remembered and is a .com domain.

  1. Select a reliable E-commerce platform

A reliable web host and e-commerce platform is required to make your e-store go live. You can use one from Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce, or  even WordPress that powers around 28% of websites around the world for starting an online store. 

  1. Settle on rates and payment modes

Keep in mind these three things: 

  1. Pricing your products- Consider things like cost of the product, profit margin, operational costs, taxes and other such things.
  2. Payment mode of your customers- Pick payment getaways offering flexibility and offering easy bank transfers.
  3. Way to transfer those payments to your bank account. 
  1. Design the e-store and add products

Design the e-commerce store  that is not only attractive but also create a specific look and feel among your online customers. Hiring a web designer and developer  for designing your e-commerce website is strongly recommended. 



 Bariatric surgery: a safe option to lose weight

 Bariatric surgery: a safe option to lose weight

Bariatric surgery is one of the most popular options that is being considered by many people who are morbidly obese. This treatment for losing weight has dramatically increased in recent times. And this has raised efficacy, price and especially safety concerns about this kind of surgery. By the virtue of this article, we shall examine the safety concerns of these increasingly frequent procedures. 

 Let us take a look at the benefits and risks of weight-loss surgery so that you can decide if it is a safe option for shedding off weight.

 Risks of Bariatric Surgery

 The risks of undergoing bariatric surgery are quite minimal when compared to those involved with obesity. 

 The obesity risks generally include complications related to diabetes, sleep apnea, and hypertension, as well as the likelihood of premature death. The potential risks of bariatric surgery include dumping syndrome, developing kidney stones, and sometimes weight regain.

 However, it is also seen that people who go under the knife to lose weight significantly show improvement in their overall health. Bariatric surgery helps in eliminating sleep apnea, reversing the effects of type 2 diabetes, and improving high blood pressure. All of these contribute to a long and healthier lifestyle.

 Bariatric surgery is safe

 Although surgical procedures of all types involve risks of some of the other kind, the bariatric procedure is considered to be one of the safest surgeries to undergo. 

 Two of the most popular bariatric surgeries vertical sleeve gastrectomy and roux-en-y gastric bypass procedures make use of a laparoscopic approach to minimize the risks of complications.

 In this kind of approach, a thin tube called the laparoscope is inserted inside your abdominal cavity through a small cut. The camera attached to it helps to see the inside of the abdomen. The surgeon makes use of small and thin instruments for performing the surgery. Being a precise operation, the time taken for the surgery is long, but the recovery time is minimized as there are small cuts to be healed. The patient’s hospital stay is also minimised, and post-operative pain is also decreased. 

 The Bariatric team of LapSurgery

 Lapsurgery is among the best hospitals in Dubai having a team of expert surgeons who have performed the highest volume of weight-loss surgeries here. And the experience of our surgeons is often associated with improved outcomes and minimum risks for surgical complications. They will individually assess your case and suggest the best type of  bariatric surgery that also will be safest for your body type.

Is the new 2019 UAE family sponsorship rules beneficial for expats

With zero percent tax schemes and easy business setup rules attract business investors and entrepreneurs from all around the world. But that’s not all. The Emirate Government is regularly trying out to make the country a better place to live. The recently announced retirement laws and 10-year residency visa rule have built a foundation for many proficient workers to see this country as a long-term option.

 When it comes to relocating to the UAE for work, it can be quite challenging because of the ever-rising competition. This can become even tough when you have to do it alone. However, the new rules for sponsoring your family and obtaining a family visa UAE make it quite easy for expats to move to this country and sponsor their families too. 

 The new rules and regulations, as well as sponsorship policies, will be applicable for the existing expats also. This will actually preserve their interest in working and living here.

 What is the new family sponsorship policy of UAE?

 According to the new family sponsorship policy for UAE, the job titles of the expatriates will no longer hamper them to sponsor their family members in the country. This means that any of the UAE residents, whether a male or female, can sponsor their family members, either spouse or son below 18 years as well as unmarried daughters. However, the salary requirement for sponsoring a family member remains the same. It means the sponsor should be earning a monthly salary of Dh 4,000 or at least Dh 3,000 plus accommodation allowance. 

 Will it affect the UAE property market?

 The law amendments being made in the UAE regarding sponsoring family visa UAE will actually boost property transactions as a wider number of people will start seeing the UAE as a long term solution. Both the tenant and investors will have great opportunities in the real estate market.  

 The new UAE family visa rules and regulations will contribute to the stability of the country’s economy. It will also provide a consistent environment for individuals to start a family here. 

 The basic purpose of the UAE government for making changes in the family visa rules is to attract more talent to this Arabian country from all regions of the world. This will also boost the country’s position as a growing cosmopolitan space providing more and more opportunities for skilled professionals.


Car battery chargers and their types

Automobile owners are looking for different ways to reduce expenses spent on their cars. And one of the best ways is to minimize the cost of the cars battery replacement over time and car recovery Dubai. In such cases, gathering more information about cars and their batteries can be of great help.

Car battery

A dead battery is a common issue faced by automobile owners and it could be quite natural or due to any damages to the car. Couple of ways to stall replacing an old or dead battery is to recharge it or maintain the battery charging levels. Battery chargers can be a great solution to maintain the lifetime of cars battery. there are two different types of charges available in the market they are:-

Trickle chargers

Trickle chargers are known for that slow charging capacity. They are similar hooked up light jumper cables and provide unlimited energy access to the car batteries. These charges need to be watched carefully while charging as they provide unlimited access to the battery and overcharging may lead to battery explosion.

Float chargers

Floor charges function just like ticket chargers which provide slow charge. These type of charges come with the built-in sensor that sends​ a message to the system to stop charging when and the charging levels reach the maximum point. This feature is of great benefit as it helps prevent the overcharging or undercharging of the battery.

Maintaining proper levels of the battery of the car is important to prevent any unavoidable expenses. Make it a point not to ​overcharge the battery and keep an eye on the car’s performance. Additionally, try to learn about different varieties of car batteries available in the market and the right battery for a car.