Is the new 2019 UAE family sponsorship rules beneficial for expats

With zero percent tax schemes and easy business setup rules attract business investors and entrepreneurs from all around the world. But that’s not all. The Emirate Government is regularly trying out to make the country a better place to live. The recently announced retirement laws and 10-year residency visa rule have built a foundation for many proficient workers to see this country as a long-term option.

 When it comes to relocating to the UAE for work, it can be quite challenging because of the ever-rising competition. This can become even tough when you have to do it alone. However, the new rules for sponsoring your family and obtaining a family visa UAE make it quite easy for expats to move to this country and sponsor their families too. 

 The new rules and regulations, as well as sponsorship policies, will be applicable for the existing expats also. This will actually preserve their interest in working and living here.

 What is the new family sponsorship policy of UAE?

 According to the new family sponsorship policy for UAE, the job titles of the expatriates will no longer hamper them to sponsor their family members in the country. This means that any of the UAE residents, whether a male or female, can sponsor their family members, either spouse or son below 18 years as well as unmarried daughters. However, the salary requirement for sponsoring a family member remains the same. It means the sponsor should be earning a monthly salary of Dh 4,000 or at least Dh 3,000 plus accommodation allowance. 

 Will it affect the UAE property market?

 The law amendments being made in the UAE regarding sponsoring family visa UAE will actually boost property transactions as a wider number of people will start seeing the UAE as a long term solution. Both the tenant and investors will have great opportunities in the real estate market.  

 The new UAE family visa rules and regulations will contribute to the stability of the country’s economy. It will also provide a consistent environment for individuals to start a family here. 

 The basic purpose of the UAE government for making changes in the family visa rules is to attract more talent to this Arabian country from all regions of the world. This will also boost the country’s position as a growing cosmopolitan space providing more and more opportunities for skilled professionals.


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Car battery chargers and their types

Automobile owners are looking for different ways to reduce expenses spent on their cars. And one of the best ways is to minimize the cost of the cars battery replacement over time and car recovery Dubai. In such cases, gathering more information about cars and their batteries can be of great help.

Car battery

A dead battery is a common issue faced by automobile owners and it could be quite natural or due to any damages to the car. Couple of ways to stall replacing an old or dead battery is to recharge it or maintain the battery charging levels. Battery chargers can be a great solution to maintain the lifetime of cars battery. there are two different types of charges available in the market they are:-

Trickle chargers

Trickle chargers are known for that slow charging capacity. They are similar hooked up light jumper cables and provide unlimited energy access to the car batteries. These charges need to be watched carefully while charging as they provide unlimited access to the battery and overcharging may lead to battery explosion.

Float chargers

Floor charges function just like ticket chargers which provide slow charge. These type of charges come with the built-in sensor that sends​ a message to the system to stop charging when and the charging levels reach the maximum point. This feature is of great benefit as it helps prevent the overcharging or undercharging of the battery.

Maintaining proper levels of the battery of the car is important to prevent any unavoidable expenses. Make it a point not to ​overcharge the battery and keep an eye on the car’s performance. Additionally, try to learn about different varieties of car batteries available in the market and the right battery for a car. 

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