Choose from the different types of contact lenses

Thinking about buying contact lenses! You must always know your options before you start shopping for the perfect pair. In this article we shall be discussing the various types available to help you make a good choice suiting your needs.

Soft lenses:

Disposable lenses:

As the name suggests, disposable lenses are use and throw types of contacts that can either be used for just a day, or for one week, or two, before being disposed off for new. These are advantageous if you don’t want to deal with the regular care and maintenance associated with contact lenses. You can also get them in different colors.

Annual soft contact lenses:

These are also disposable lenses lasting for an year. Since the passage of oxygen is necessary to prevent drying, these lenses are made of soft material. But with these lenses again, you would require careful and regular cleaning and proper storage.

Contact Lenses

Gas Permeable lenses:

Often called GPs, these lenses allow the passage of more oxygen through them than the soft lenses. These are easier to clean, long-lasting and offer superior clarity of vision. But since these are made of semi-rigid, stiff material, these are not much comfortable.

Flexible and Extended wear contact lenses:

These lenses come with a flexible design so that you can either take them off or keep them on for a long long time, without the need of removing them. You can also go to sleep with these on. You can keep on wearing them for either a period of 7 days, or 30 days continuously.  It however depends completely on their make. These are also designed to let oxygen pass through them and keep you comfortable.

Cosmetic lenses:

These lenses are designed to give a new color to your iris. These may or may not correct vision problems. You may get them in four varieties namely visibility tints, enhancement tints, opaque color tints and light-filtering tints.

Contact lenses are quite useful, safe and comfortable too and you can choose one from the above given options. But you must contact your optician before buying one as he can suggest you the ones that will be better for your eyes.


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