Difference reflexology and body massage different

A foot massage or any other kind of body massage is often confused by many people with a reflexology session. Although these may have many things in common, the two are completely different modalities. Each of them has several benefits. Just like a massage session, you can also look to have a session of reflexology Dubai right inside your home and achieve the benefits.

In this article we shall be discussing these two and help you in differentiating between the two.


In order to improve your health, you must go with reflexology. In this, certain parts of the feet, hands and ears are squeezed. The blocked pressure points of the body can lead to illnesses, strain and painful injuries. Reflexology provides life force to these pressure points, which thus heals up and rejuvenates the body. The reflexologists are very well aware of those pressure points. When they squeeze them the blockages are all relieved healing the body.

Body massage

In order to relieve stress from your body you can go with a body massage. It involves diverse movement and methods like kneading, the rubbing in of herbal oils, leans and stretches, rocking of the body, rhythmic tapping, and other such techniques, all of which basically relaxes your body. A body massage is designed to eliminate stress from the muscles, tendons, ligaments, hands, fingers, and feet by rubbing in oils in various moments mentioned above that facilitates bodily relaxation. The massage therapist  knows about different techniques that will suit their clients.

Differences between the two

Although in both massage and reflexology, hands of the expert are used to apply the special techniques and this is where the similarity ends.

Reflexology involves the therapist to touch your feet, hands and ears, and so does not require you to remove your clothes. Whereas your therapist would ask you to remove all your clothes and wear only your undergarments as every part of your body is touched in a body massage.

The reflexologist would target your pressure points on the feet, hands and ears, whereas in a body massage the entire muscle group is targeted.

In refloxology, the practitioners make use of his/her fingers and focus on special trigger points on your feet and hands, whereas in a body massage the therapists use special massage oils and also massage tools.