Requirements for investor’s visa renewal Dubai

One of the most visited places in the world, Dubai is a land of lucrative investment and job opportunities. And it is therefore ideal for foreign residents occupying about 80% of total population of Dubai. They require visa for different tasks like residing in Dubai, investing, employment, bringing family, and others like that. Each of the visa types in Dubai has their specific requirements and validity period. Different types of visas have their own requirements and periods. Some retain their validity for a year or two, while some may remain valid for an even longer time period. But if you require a visa after its expiration, you would have to undergo a specific process for visa renewal Dubai. Here we have discussed the specific document requirements for investor’s visa renewal.

Basic things that you need to know in case of investor visa renewal in Dubai

Also termed as partner visa, this kind of visa allows investors of some company to live and conduct their business. The validity of an investor visa is 3 years in general. But under the “Golden Card” scheme, the investor can get a 10-year residence visa. Here we shall discuss the basic things that you must know about investor visa renewal.

  • In case there is an e-DNRD account of the company you are an investor in, then you can take the help of a typing center to initiate the visa renewal process.
  • Normally, a time period of 2 weeks is taken for completing the renewal process.
  • In case you want the procedure of renewal to be completed early, then you must pay an urgent fee for it.

Documents required for the renewal

The below-mentioned documents are required for the renewal of investor/partner visa in Dubai:

  • Two colored photographs, passport-sized
  •  Health certificate
  • Medical insurance
  • Your (investor’s) original passport
  • Attested copies of tenancy contract, recent utility bill, bank statements.
  • Your sponsor’s IBAN
  • Trade license
  • Residence visa application form.


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